Student aid

Developing a community needs assessment of at-risk students at Fyffe High School, Fyffe, Alabama

Keith L Atchley
The purpose of this project was to develop a community needs assessment of at-risk students in Fyffe High School in Fyffe, Alabama, for the purpose of making recommendations to Fyffe First Baptist Church (Fyffe FBC) on how to best minister to these students and their parents. Multiple forms of demographic data were considered in order to identify the age ranges, socio-economic status, and behaviors that contribute to students becoming at-risk. Interviews with local and state agencies along with local school officials were conducted to ascertain what forms of assistance are available to students and if any proactive interventions are in place to prevent students from slipping into the at-risk category. Research and surveys were conducted in order to discover and assess the age and grade level of students who can be most impacted by intervention and support strategies.
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