United Holy Church of America

Revitalization and reconciliation of worship in the Southern District Convocation of the United Holy Church of America

Charles E Lewis
One of the basic features of church life in the United Holy Church (UHC) is the proliferation of worship and music. The purpose of the thesis entitled "Revitalization and Reconciliation of Worship in the Southern District Convocation of the United Church of America" give you an idea the authors desire to aid in revitalization and restoration of worship within the United Holy Church so that a practical theology of worship can be developed, incorporating traditional devotional-style worship and contemporary-style praise and worship. The author's objective in this project begins with identification of the two scopes of worship, traditional devotional-style worship, with its focus on spontaneous worship, and contemporary praise and worship, with its emphasis on a rehearsed worship. The content of this thesis project involves identifying the problem and its setting and presenting a theological framework, literature review, methodology of research, and outcome of the project. Throughout this project the authors' focus is the need to embrace both styles of worship will be shown with the hope of revitalizing worship so that believers and seekers will sense a real worship experience.
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