Fear of death

The impact of death anxiety

Llewellyn M Drumbor
Death anxiety and the fear of death are often intertwined in the human psyche, presenting the potential for a broad array of destructive forces unless courage is found to address and manage both death anxiety and the fear of death. The first section of this project addresses death. It explores such authorities as psychiatrist Irvin Yalom who wrote regarding the momentous importance of death and its role in shaping one's life perspective. The focus of quoted sources and of the author is that death needs to be confronted as a life-empowering change; especially the lives and death competence of chaplains and clergy. Only through such change will chaplains and clergy be unfettered to teach, model, and assist others, in confronting the destructive forces of death anxiety and fear of death. Exploring death anxiety and fear of death, defines death anxiety while discussing the relationship between death anxiety and fear. Fear of death has a focus, a primary concern. Most scholars conclude that three primary concerns comprise fear of death: Thoughts of a punishing afterlife; dread of annihilation; and the physical pain that may be felt while dying. The project explains how an integration of knowledge, skills, and competences is critical to preparing the chaplain/clergy for effective ministry. The professional caregiver will need to come to terms with her/his own mortality before building the trust that transcends the fear and death anxiety inherent with end-of-life patients.
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