Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland--Liturgy

The "Themengottesdienst" of the Wetzlar Cathedral Lutheran Congregation as a contribution to the renewal of worship life within the Ev. Kirche in Deutschland

Michael Stollwell
For decades German mainline churches have been facing a threatening crisis of their worship life. In most congregations less than 3% of their membership attend the Sunday services. Many attempts to establish new forms of contemporary worship have failed, either because the approaches were too demanding and time consuming or because they were focused on limited target groups and therefore could not have an impact on the congregation as a whole. Based on a creative adaptation of the biblical and Lutheran liturgical heritage the author has developed and implemented a new form of worship that has proved to be effective, appealing and visionary. In fact the so called 'Themengottesdienst' has become the most prominent spiritual tool for Evangelism and church growth in the Wetzlar Cathedral Lutheran Congregation and beyond.
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