Kansas City North Oak Church of the Nazarene

The development of appropriate patterned practices of Christian corporate worship for missional purposes: an applied project of the Kansas City North Oak Church of the Nazarene

Daniel J Steele
The church of Jesus Christ, as a part of the rule of God, worships God and is sent by God to be part of his missionally focused action in the world. The Kansas City North Oak Church was in a stage of its life-cycle in which it needed to recover its missionaly focused purpose, with missional praxes. The purrpose of this project was to explore and test the proposition that Christian corporate worship patterns and practices will shape and support the core value that the church is "a Missional People" into the ecclesial practice of a missional church--a church for others. The research indicated that a missionally focused church demonstrates a consistency in: (1) A congregatinoal missional core value, (2) Missionally focused patterns and practices in corporate worship, and (3), Missionally focused ecclesial praxis. Without effecting style, there are many more possibilities and opportunities for missionally focused patterns and practices than even missionally focused churches are utilizing.
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