A Mentoring Program for Pastoral Interns at Calvary Baptist Church, Watertown, WI

Robert Loggans D.Min.
The rationale for this project emerged from a significant need to encourage, promote, develop and train young men preparing for pastoral ministry in the local church setting. While the college and seminary classroom experience is of great value, the practical application of such knowledge under the tutelage of an experienced pastor helps to complete the preliminary preparation for pastoral ministry.

God's call to pastoral ministry is unique and individualized; the call to serve is a call to prepare. The Apostle Paul invested much time in his young protégé Timothy. Paul eventually gave the following characterization of Timothy, "For I have no man likeminded, who will naturally care for your state." (Philippians 4:20KJV)

This project (1) states the purpose of investing in those preparing for pastoral ministry, (2) provides theological and Biblical rationale for internships, (3) looks at and considers contemporary literature on internships and mentoring, (4) explains the design and methodology used in the project, (5) develops a narrative of the course of the project, (6) And shares the outcomes and suggestions for intentional mentoring internships in the local church setting.

Several significant findings indicate that internships are vitally important in preparing for pastoral ministry. Those preparing for pastoral ministry often desire an experienced pastor to make a significant investment in their lives. I have found that many pastors deeply desire to share their life and ministry experiences with those who are younger. Mentoring takes time, flexibility and understanding as each individual preparing for pastoral ministry is special and unique. It is a delightful privilege and joy to have part in preparing students for ministry.

The Timothy task: leadership ministry in the local church based on 1 and 2 Timothy

John M Boberg
Leadership in the church today has been heavily influenced by business management concepts. The pastoral epistles of 1-2 Timothy represent a look into what leadership ministry should look like. This is a specific church situation with actual directions of what is to be done there, and it directly confronts many of the models used today. This project is an examination of the Timothy material and a survey of a specific denomination as to how that material is seen and used. Ministers in the field and deans of Bible colleges and seminaries were asked to evaluate Paul's instructions to Timothy in their own sphere of ministry. Recommendations for implementing 1-2 Timothy are included in a handbook.

The essential needs of the man of God and the church to accomplish the Christian ministry

Máximo Pérez
The purpose of this work is to provide a manual of instructions for Spanish speaking students and pastors in Guatemala to increase the content and effectiveness of their ministries. The project is divided into two parts, first an outlined and quite detailed commentary on I and II Timothy, and second an outlined study manual for pastors and students to learn and apply the truths of these pastoral epistles. Written in both English and Spanish, it is especially applied to the Hispanics of Central America with the strong intention of increasing their effectiveness in Bible exposition and the pastoral ministry.
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