Bible--Samuel II

Perfect Love Casts out Fear: Exploring the Effectiveness of a Person-Centered Disability Awareness Seminar in a Congregational Setting

Joshua H Jones D.Min.
People with disabilities and their families frequently experience barriers toward inclusion and belonging in multiple spheres of life. These barriers are also present in Christian congregations. However, many congregations express a godly desire to love people with disabilities and their families without these obstacles.

The Old and New Testaments provide examples of how God’s people sought to love people with disabilities in their midst creatively and intentionally in response to God’s gracious actions, invitation, and command. Recent research in disability studies routinely highlight the necessity of being attentive to the uniqueness of each person with disabilities and his or her family. Recent work in the realm of sanctification also encourages Christians to practice active righteousness and vocation with an emphasis upon loving specific neighbors.

In light of current research, this project attempted to better understand the effects of a person-centered disability awareness seminar about the pastor’s own child in a single congregation using a mixed methods approach. A pretest posttest design was used in the quantitative phase of the research utilizing the Multidimensional Attitudes Scale Toward Persons with Disabilities (MAS) to measure attitudes (N = 42). A focus group was used in the qualitative phase of research (N = 7). Results suggest a person-centered disability awareness seminar can be an effective way to improve attitudes and relational engagement in a congregational setting.

Teaching material on biblical narrative genre based on 2 Samuel 11:1-12:15 with special focus on David's adultery and Nathan's prophecy

Chee Way Chen
This dissertation explored the narrator's use of David's sin to teach that effective leadership requires a turning away from evil and obedience to God's commandments. The methodology to discover the narrator's intention involved analyzing the different elements in the biblical narrative genre; that is, the setting, character, plots, rhetoric, narrative time and point of view. It also included practical sessions of a Bible study based on observing the elements in the text.
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