Planting Churches in the Guaraní Diaspora in Asunción, Paraguay: An Outreach Strategy
for Migrant Tribal Groups in Urban Contexts

Timothy Revett
The project director developed an outreach strategy that serves a twofold purpose:
improving educational achievement and forming congregations among the Ava Guaraní
and Mbya Guaraní who live in the metropolitan area of Asunción, Paraguay. The
evangelistic activities that lead to the formation of congregations come as a result of the
relationships built during educational activities carried out by the outreach team in the
communities. Over the last two decades the focus group has been experiencing a
migration from their traditional homelands to urban contexts. For this reason, the strategy
combines tribal group missiology with migrant outreach practices.

The strategy development project consisted of four steps. First, the project
director researched demographics about Guaraní spirituality and education to assess the
level of need in those areas. Second, he explored literature on outreach to tribal groups
and migrants to produce a selection of principles that guided the development of the
outreach strategy. Third, the project director’s colleagues provided input on the selected
principles and direction of the strategy. Finally, the project director presented the strategy
to a local partner ministry for official implementation.
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