Parent and child--Religious aspects


Corinne Lesley Cameron D.Min.
This thesis explores how Canadian Salvation Army mothers in ministry who follow a rhythm of life experience an abiding relationship with Jesus that deepens a sense of abundance in life and ministry. The thesis begins with exploring the social contexts of The Salvation Army, North American clergy, and working mothers. The thesis progresses to delve into John 15:1-17 and the historical examples of Susanna Wesley and Catherine Booth. The research methodology includes two Lenten-abiding groups and thirteen interviews. This research affirms how rhythms of life tend to the soil of the soul, enabling an abiding relationship with Jesus to grow and flourish.

Equipping Parents at Southside Baptist Church, Ozark, Alabama, as the Primary Disciple Makers of Their Children

Timothy A. Bates
This project was designed to equip parents in their role as the primary disciple makers of their children. The project was completed in the context of Southside Baptist Church in Ozark, Alabama, where the project director serves as the pastor. He used the equipping program model for this project. The project director researched methods of discipleship in regard to parenting and then developed a curriculum in order to teach selected parents of the church with these discipleship practices. He used four select teaching times to equip selected adults of Southside Baptist Church, Ozark, Alabama, with competencies to disciple their children. The intended results were for the parents to be better equipped and more confident in discipling their own children. The project was also intended to strengthen the whole church, inspiring parents and their children to both become more active and grow through the experience.

Teaching Their Biblical Role in Family Ministry to Parents of South Main Baptist Church – Pasadena, Texas

Kevin Richard D.Ed.Min.
Teaching Their Biblical Role in Family Ministry to Parents of South Main Baptist Church in Pasadena, Texas

Kevin Richard, Doctor of Educational Ministry
Advisor: Danny R. Bowen, Ph. D
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2022

This project was designed to educate and encourage adults to take to heart their call to be the primary disciple in the life of their own children. The goals are to find out where parents are and how they view their role in discipleship towards their children, to create a curriculum to help them in understating their role, then to implement the curriculum and see if it helps.

Raising faith-full children : a handbook for parents of early adolescents

Donald Hoekstra
This handbook is designed as a resource manual for parents of early adolescents, ages 11-14. It attempts to translate recent research findings about the development of early adolescents and their faith and religious development into an understandable and practical guide for parents of these early adolescents.

Chapter One discusses the significance of change in the life of both early adolescents and their mid-life parents. Implications for parent-child relationships are also drawn.

Chapter Two provides an overview of early adolescence and the transition from childhood to later adolescence.

Chapter Three explores early adolescent religion and its formation.

Chapter Four asks, "Why Christian religious concerns for early adolescents?", and proceeds to provide several succinct responses to how this focus on development unfolds.

Chapter Five provides an adolescent-parent strategy for faith formation around Christian baptism.

Chapter Six provides an adolescent-parent strategy for faith formation around Christian confirmtion.

Chapter Seven provides an adolescent-parent strategy for faith formation around Christian holy communion.

Chapter Eight provides an adolescent-parent strategy for faith formation around the Reformed Church in America creeds and confessions.

Chapter Nine provides an adolescent-parent strategy for faith formation around the ten commandments.

A manual for ministry with single parent families in the Air Force

Richard K Knowles
According to recent calculations, there are approximately 7,500 single parents in the United States Air Force alone , and nearly 27,000 within the four major military ser­vices. These are persons and families with special hurts and dreams, unique pressures, limitations, and demands, abundant abilities, and significant goals. These are persons in need of a cooperative ministry--both the receiving and the doing of ministry. Our arena is the wider community of faith as it exists in that special entity known to be our vocation, home , career, and lifestyle--the United States Air Force.

I first became interested in the subject of singles and single parents during a tour as the religious education representative on the USAF Chaplain Resource Board. After a great deal of reading , searching through curricula, perusing in book stores and writing to publishers, it became evident that while there were numerous materials being written by and about single parents , little if anything was being printed from the perspective of resourcing for ministry.

This is our reconciliation : a dramatic memoir

Stanley Seagren
The theme of lament has been neglected and even shunned for too long in the life and ministry of most North American churches. Though it is a common Biblical theme in both the Old and New Testaments, congregations tend to ignore or even be embarrassed by the complaining and anger which run through Scripture. The purpose of my project has been to bring lament to the fore not only for individual believers, but also for the ministry of the Church as a whole -- in worship, small group ministry, youth ministry and ministry to the lost and broken.

The dramatic memoir presented here is the culmination of the research and analysis I have performed in the Scriptures, in the books I have read, and in my talks with people in the congregations I have served. The dramatic memoir traces a path toward reconciliation between one person and another, and also between a person and God. From the reactions of those who witnessed the dramatic memoir, I demonstrate that dramatic memoirs are one way to stimulate self-discovery and resolution of painful memories in the sacred times and places of our lives.

Equipping Selected Parents with Best Practices to Disciple Children at Concord Baptist Church, Clermont, Georgia

Jamie M Smith
The purpose of this project was to equip selected parents with best practices to disciple children at Concord Baptist Church in Clermont, Georgia. The project director began by researching the field of discipling children and producing a comparative analysis to determine the best practices. He then produced a report of six best practices for discipling children in the home. Next, the project director developed curriculum to train parents how to use the best practices discovered and use the curriculum to teach a selected group of parents at the church with the best practices. Through the process, the project director increased his knowledge of discipleship practices in the home and in equipping families to lead their children spiritually. He also increased his knowledge and skill curriculum writing and classroom instruction. During the process, expert evaluators guided the director in development and implementation of the project.

An Evaluation of the Major Key Factors Contributing to Marital Satisfaction of Korean American Couples Raising a Special Needs Child

Matthew B. Ahn D.Min.
This research was designed to answer the question “What are the major key factors contributing to marital satisfaction of Korean American couples raising a special needs child?” by examining the shared experiences expressed by three couples who enjoy satisfactory marriages. A popular myth holds that the marriages of most couples raising a special needs child end in divorce. However, numerous studies show this is not always the case; in fact, in many instances, raising a special needs child makes a couple’s marriages stronger. This study focused on researching and identifying key factors contributing to marital satisfaction among couples raising a special needs child. Previously, there has been little research done on this topic, a fact which inspired the researcher to look into this phenomenon. The discovery of these major factors will be helpful to couples raising special needs children, pastors, and marriage counselors.

To gather the necessary data for this study, three different methods were used. First, descriptive surveys were administered to discover qualified couples who fulfilled the established criteria. Second, the quantitative research method was employed through surveys that were used to identify key factors contributing to the marital satisfaction of the volunteering couples. Third, the qualitative research method was used through personal interviews with the selected couples to identify the major factors that contributed to their satisfaction in their marriages.

The results of this research support the association between marital satisfaction among Korean American couples raising a special needs child and communication, spirituality, and commitment. This study and its discoveries should provide valuable resources to pastors, leaders, and marriage counselors who are in a position to assist couples who struggle in their marriage while raising a special needs child.


Jarred Pellegrin D.Min.
“But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons,” 1 Timothy 4:1. This is a clear warning that the enemy is working to deceive and cause people in the church to fall away. What if the church could better equip the laity to address the areas often used for the deceptive purposes talked about in this verse? This dissertation addresses the issue of people walking away from the church, particularly people who have grown up in the church and walked away after high school. I argue that in order to keep these individuals from walking away from their faith, they need to be equipped to better understand and rationally defend that faith through apologetic training. While other projects have had a similar goal and targeted teens, this project is targeted at parents with a goal of equipping them with the tools necessary to teach core apologetic concepts to their early elementary age students. This dissertation seeks to lay a foundation on which to build an apologetic and instill a Christocentric world view into students at the earliest possible age. Then the desire is for the parents to partner with the church to build a strong structure of apologetics and understanding well before they would be tempted to walk away from their faith.

The Role of the Family-Equipping Model in Church Planting and Replanting Training for the Calvary Family of Churches in Englewood, CO

Franklin Samuel Trimble D.Ed.Min.
This project focuses on the combined efforts of the family ministry movement and the replanting movement in equipping current and future planters and replanters in family ministry. In the project, the reader will be given biblical, theological, historical, and ecclesiological examples of what a healthy family ministry can look like. This project is meant to encourage and equip future and current ministers, especially those with few resources, as they seek to develop a healthy family ministry culture in their contexts. Churches can see healthy family ministry established in their midst regardless of the number of resources at their disposal.
Throughout the project, the reader is given biblical instruction regarding the primacy of parental discipleship in relation to the biblical instruction of children. This primacy is made even more specific when the project addresses the role of the husband and father in the home-discipleship process. The project then looks to Hebrews 3 & 10 to address the need for all ages of the church to meet regularly. Once the biblical and theological groundwork has been laid, the project then moves into a section in which the history of modern youth ministry is examined in contrast with the historical precedent of family worship. Ecclesiological matters are then discussed in detail such as the importance of intentionally limiting church calendars and the need for a plurality of elders that can lead a congregation in meaningful membership which then leads to accountable shepherding.
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