The influence of John Wesley on modern Christianity

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The influence of John Wesley on modern Christianity
Terrell M. Shoffner
It was on May 24, 1738 that John Wesley, a priest in the Church of England, went into a religious meeting in Aldersgate Street and had a heart warming experience that transformed his own life and inaugurated a great religious awakening among the English speaking peoples. Wesley belongs not only to the Methodist churches, but the Holy Catholic Church of which all Protestants are members and are indebted to him for the powerful influence of his wonderful personality. And undoubtedly the Roman Catholic Church has been influenced by the movement, but there will be little time to deal with this fact, except in a general way. It is the object of this essay to trace the contributions of this magnificent beacon light down through the centuries. Our endeavor may be logically divided into two parts. After giving a brief account of his life through his conversion experience, we shall concentrate our interest on Wesley’s influence during his earthly pilgrimage. In the second division we shall follow his influence from the time of his death up to the present time. Some of the materials present may seem to the reader to be irrelevant to the subject, but on closer examination he will see that it all tends to culminate in a better understanding of the influence that the founder of Methodism has had in the development of Christianity.
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