Why and How to Preach the Warning Passages in Pauline Literature

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Why and How to Preach the Warning Passages in Pauline Literature
Kevin Michael Ueckert D.Min.
The purpose of this dissertation is to convince preachers of the necessity of preaching the warnings of the Bible, while equipping them to preach effectively God’s warnings to the church. The specific warnings in focus will be warnings addressed to the church, which threaten extreme consequences of God’s judgment. Although warnings with extreme circumstances of judgment for God’s people appear throughout the Old Testament (OT) and New Testament (NT), the passage selection for sermon development will be narrowed to specific warnings found in Pauline literature. After establishing the necessity for preaching warnings, the writer will address the procedure for developing a warning sermon. The expectation is that the research will provide the necessary insight and understanding for how to preach the selected warning passages in Paul, in hopes of creating a bridge to preaching all the warnings of the Bible. The writer will provide sample sermons and historical excerpts of sermons, from a selection of preachers from the fourth century to the twentieth century, based on the sample texts in Pauline literature, so that the preacher can see how to develop the sermon toward sermon delivery. With the right motivation and a template for how to preach Pauline warnings, this project should help preachers find a clearer path for faithful representation of the Scripture through preaching warnings.
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United States
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Doctor of Ministry
Text Driven Preaching
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D.Min. Project
Joshua Williams Ph.D.
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