Relationships between personality types and sin tendencies of young adult Christians.

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Relationships between personality types and sin tendencies of young adult Christians.
Many young adult Christians lack awareness of even their most basic patterns
of sin. This project sought to broaden awareness of such instinctive patterns by
identifying relationships between sin tendencies and personality types. Specifically, it
explored sin patterns in relation to each of the eight preferences of the Myers-Briggs
Type Indicator: introversion, extraversion, sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling, judging,
and perceiving.
All subjects had a 4-year college degree, were under the age of 35, and were
believers in Jesus Christ who were actively involved in Christian community. The study
took a mixed method research approach and collected both quantitative and qualitative
data. It began with a descriptive survey which yielded fifty-three usable responses.
Following the survey, the researcher conducted in-depth interviews with seven of the
respondents in order to gain deeper insight regarding the impact their personality
preferences had on their patterns of behavior.
When considered in combination, the quantitative and qualitative results
verified strong relationships between six of the eight preferences and specific sin
tendencies. While the hypothesis regarding the remaining two preferences was not
confirmed, the interview results suggested relationships between slightly different sin
tendencies and these preferences. The study recommends some specific additional
research be conducted to confirm these potential correlations. The project concludes with
recommendations regarding how one could utilize the findings to positively
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