A manual for churches : towards congregational maturity

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A manual for churches : towards congregational maturity
Michael Hambley
This manual is designed to assist the local church in developing a missional conversation. Recognizing that conversation shapes and reflects the cultural context, this manual is presented with the objective of locating the congregation's conversation in the narrative of Scripture. As that narrative begins to shape the conversation of the local church, a new culture is formed within the church and a new engagement with the wider culture is made possible in which the church carries out its vocation as the people of God. Paul's epistles served as the primary basis of research in discerning the pattern of a congregational narrative in the story of Christ's body.

This manual, then, is about an adventure in conversation. Congregations, as bodies called upon to express the story of Christ's body in their shared lives, have both an opportunity and an obligation to demonstrate the particular shape of community that God has crafted for missional witness in North America. To that end, this manual presents conversation as an instrument of transformation. The images, symbols, metaphors, and parables at play in the conversation of the local congregation can be formidable when embodied in their practice of being church.
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