Ray Charles by the roadside : a study in narrative preaching

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Ray Charles by the roadside : a study in narrative preaching
Dann A Stouten
The purpose for doing this study is to introduce narrative homiletics to a broader audience of preachers. It is my hope to add to the diversity in our pulpits by offering an alternate sermon type that is simple to follow, and yet offers a variegated texture and feel through the use of the six different models.

I believe a working definition of narrative preaching would help clarify things at this point. Mine is as follows: Any sermon that follows a plot or story line and begins with a discrepancy and then wrestles with the ambiguities and ultimately concludes with God's final solution. The thesis of this project is that narrative preaching can be learned like spelling or arithmetic or your ABC's if the student is willing to follow a three step pattern of: imbalance, analysis, and solution.

The first step involves stating the discrepancy, the second step is an analysis of the ambiguities and the third step is finding God's solution to the problem.

We use six different sermon models entitled: Recasting the Story, Redating the Story, Remembering the Story, Retelling the Story, Reacting to the Story and Rethinking the Story, along with a running commentary and a listener evaluation form to analyze and demonstrate how narrative preaching can be done.
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