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Preaching from teaching : an adult Sunday School workbook and methodology

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Preaching from teaching : an adult Sunday School workbook and methodology
James D Lester
"Preaching from Teaching" sets forth a design for the production of a series of sermons. It is an encouragement to pastors to include geographical, historical, and archaeological material, theological themes, and contemporary issues, in the planning for their adult teaching to enhance their preaching.

The first part of the project is the creation of a student workbook as an illustration of an adult teaching curriculum. Genesis 11:30-25:10 serves as the model for the workbook entitled "Rejoicing In New Beginnings." Chapter one "Traveling with God" is a review of appropriate geographical conditions, the historical background, and life settings of Abraham and Sarah. Chapter two, "Friends with God, "is a study of the theological themes from the passages. Chapter three, "Living Everyday with God, "is an examination of the contemporary faith and life issues which can be identified from the Abraham and Sarah narrative. Each chapter is designed to be one twelve week quarter of Sunday School lessons. The workbook serves as resource material of the class, but it also is designed to prompt the students to reflect on the data which has been presented.

The second part of the project is a methodology explaining how a series of sermons can be produced using the classroom experience and material. The section, "In the Study," is a description of the process of selecting passages, planning the curriculum, and preparing the workbook. The unit, "In the Classroom," offers some thoughts about the presentation of the workbook, but primarily emphasizes the need for the pastor to dialogue with the class and then retrieve the essence of those issues for direction in sermon preparation. The third of this group, "From the Pulpit," sets forth the practice of making sermons from the workbook and the classroom interactions.
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