Perspectives on sexism : a study of the role of women in male- female relationships

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Perspectives on sexism : a study of the role of women in male- female relationships
Franklin Mizzi
This project is designed to provide evidence that an understanding of the relationships between men and women which are based on superior-inferior positions, and that women are subordinate to men cannot be validated.

Chapter One presents perceptions of power from a purely social science perspective and from a theological perspective.

Chapter Two investigates some sections of the Old and New Testaments, and some formative theologians who have had great influence on various Christian belief systems, to determine if these sources favor the dominance of men over women.

Chapter Three is devoted to how women see themselves in the current situation in society, in the church, and in marriage. Some feminist authors and social scientists who discuss equality of the sexes or the lack of it are given the opportunity to state their cases.

Chapter Four is a presentation of three case studies in which various psychotherapeutic models were used in thecounseling sessions. This chapter demonstrates the impact of the abuse of power, and suggests that correcting this misuse of power gives hope of establishing the solidity such unions should have.

Chapter Five is a series of summary reflections based on the project as a whole, with particular attention to the three case studies. The vulnerable sharing of power in a loving way does not diminish the bonds of marriage. In fact, the bonds of marriage are strengthened to weather storms when there is vulnerable sharing of power.
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