Preaching : an essential component in a long pastorate

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Preaching : an essential component in a long pastorate
Leon D Draayer
An article appearing in The Church Herald served as a catalyst for this project. About the same time as the article , "Deliver Us From This Domine : The Problem of Clergy Immobility" by Alvin J. Poppen was printed, I was searching for a topic for my project. The project evolved out of a wedding of Poppen's concern for clergy immobility and longer pastorates and my concern for good preaching.

A search for information turned up few resources. I could only find two books and a few articles on long pastorates. No one had written extensively on the combination of long pastorates and preaching. The combination seemed to be a current and fascinating topic for further investigation. The project evolved to the point where I sought to understand the relationship of good preaching to the healthy, long pastorate.

The project looked to the Reformed Church in America as the larger arena. It is my denominational affiliation. The project narrowed the arena to those churches having long pastorates concurrent with the beginning of the investigation. The project turned to Scripture and to those who experienced the long pastorates to gain insight about preaching ' s place in the long pastorate.

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