The pastoral counselor in a parish setting

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The pastoral counselor in a parish setting
Wesley E Kiel
This paper deals with the role and identity of the pastoral counselor, first, as it has developed in Scripture and in the history of the church; and second as it can be fulfilled in a parish setting.

The first part of Chapter One examines the Biblical content of the term "pastor," emphasizing that both the Old Testament and the New Testament describe the role of the pastor as being the shepherd of the whole flock and its individual members. The second part of the first chapter explores the development of pastoral care in the history of the church, noting how it both molded and responded to the dominant theological and cultural themes of each period.

Chapter Two is a brief history of the development of the modern pastoral counseling movement. This chapter demonstrates that the movement came about in an attempt to incorporate new psychological theory and clinical practice into education for ministry.

Chapter Three uses a survey of current pastoral counseling literature and the results of interviews which I conducted with pastoral counselors to describe the current orientation of the pastoral counseling movement.

Chapter Four suggest ways that pastoral counselors may recover or strengthen their pastoral identity. This chapter explores the meaning of ordination to the pastoral ministry, with special consideration given to the ministry of Word, Sacrament, and Order.

The final chapter demonstrates some of the ways in which the special skills and calling of the pastoral counselor may be used in the parish and addresses some of the objections which are raised to the practice of counseling by parish pastors.
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