The illustrated sermon : a guide for the use and evaluation of metaphor in preaching

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The illustrated sermon : a guide for the use and evaluation of metaphor in preaching
David R Zachrich
This research project is designed as a guide to help preachers use metaphors in preaching. It suggests that metaphor is the basis of illustrative material. The paper is composed of four chapters and a bibliography.

Chapter One discusses preaching as oral communication. The emphasis of the chapter is on the preacher as communicator. Obstacles to communication are examined and ways to overcome the obstacles are suggested. The use of metaphor as an aid to communication is emphasized.

Chapter Two examines communication in terms of the hearers. Audience analysis, cultural influences, and the hearer's perception of the world are cited as information areas the preacher will want to consider when preparing the sermon. The use of metaphor to help build meaningful relationships is discussed.

Chapter Three focuses on metaphor as an aid to preaching. A Biblical basis for the use of figures of speech in preaching is studied. Metaphor is defined by its function and value for illustrating sermons. Types and sources of metaphors are explored. Practical concerns, such as the placement and quantity of metaphors in a sermon, conclude the chapter.

Chapter Four is concerned with the evaluation of metaphors and guidelines for their use in preaching. At the conclusion of a sermon, immediate feedback is useful for measuring the clarity of a metaphor, but long-term feedback is also necessary to evaluate the appropriateness of the metaphors to the hearers by observing the assimilation of the metaphors into their life and vocabulary. Guidelines are offered for the effective use of metaphors.
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