The five tools of team leadership : a collegial and collaborative leadership development process

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The five tools of team leadership : a collegial and collaborative leadership development process
Scott Christiansen
In every church all over the world there are teams of people gathered together around ministry that is core to their mission. Yet as vital as team ministry is to the church, a disheartening number of those teams end up accomplishing very little and either end their time together in frustration or continue in m ediocrity. While there are doubtless many reasons for this poor performance record, they often boil down to poor leadership of the team. Teams are vital to church ministry and leaders are vital to team ministry so it is essential for churches to train team leaders in skills that enable effective and encouraging leadership. Based on research, interviews and experience five characteristics of effective team leadership immerge: great leaders glow, great leaders love, great leaders vision, great leaders plan and great leaders coach. Training in each of these characteristics can help ensure that ministry teams in a church have the leadership they need to prosper. The 5 Tools of Team Leadership: A Collegial and Collaborative Leadership Development Process is a learning process designed around those 5 leadership characteristics and a small group of leaders lead by a coach or mentor. In group sessions and between group sessions the participants learn from each other and from a set of teaching materials that expound on those 5 leadership characteristics how to lead their ministry teams more effectively. The process absolutely depends on a group dynamic of openness, love and acceptance. The process invites the Holy Spirit to use the process to maximize the leadership potential of each individual.
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