Idolatry, the powers, and cultural formation

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Idolatry, the powers, and cultural formation
Travis D. Else

My ministry project is comprised of a literature review and Appreciative Inquiry qualitative study at First Reformed Church to explore the practices and skills needed to live against idolatry and toward faithfulness.

The thesis of my ministry project is that we are surrounded by idols in our communities and in the local church, and must find ways of developing patterns of resistance against the powers that entice us into idolatry. The purpose of my project is to identify practices that will equip and empower the church to resist idolatry and live in faithfulness toward God. The findings of my project will amplify how Christian worship and mission, fueled by Holy Spirit power, are a vital means by which patterns of faithfulness are cultivated and resistance to idolatry and the powers are developed.
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United States
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Doctor of Ministry
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D.Min. Project
David L. Stubbs Ph.D.
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