The Hippie Theologian: Finding Religious Meaning on Social Media

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The Hippie Theologian: Finding Religious Meaning on Social Media
Nicole Foster D.Min.
The Covid-19 pandemic brought about global changes in how religious communities discipled and evangelized, which caused many of these religious communities to utilize social media. This work is about how people can find religious meaning on social media by placing people on equal footing in such a way that a genuine dialogue is able to take place. This dialogue enhances the mission of the church insofar as it helps participants gain confidence in contributing to the broader project of public theology, and thereby be encouraged to go out and make disciples of all nations, as it states in Matthew 28:19. To reveal the extent of religious meaning people found on social media, surveys of followers of a Facebook page called The Hippie Theologian were conducted in two sample categories of individual participants and group participants within the Facebook page. This project initially started before the COVID-19 pandemic, but was mostly carried out during the pandemic when many churches either shut down in-person services, or operated at low-capacites, thereby prompting the use of social media for the broadcasting of worship services.
United States
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Doctor of Ministry
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D.Min. Project
Leslie Thyberg Ph.D.
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