Evaluating a Biblical Program for Family Education in Cleansing Stream Ministries

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Evaluating a Biblical Program for Family Education in Cleansing Stream Ministries
Aijia Song D.Ed.Min.
This thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter is the introduction. The introduction contains the purpose and questions of the thesis research, the design of questionnaire content and the analysis of the research results, and also the expected results, the research methods, and the basic concepts of the thesis. The second chapter is the biblical research and literature research, which includes the biblical foundation, theological foundation, philosophical foundation and literature review of the education in family. The third chapter is the process and methods of the research, which is the core content of this thesis. This chapter contains the reasons, questions, hypotheses, methods of the research, as well as the evaluation and assessment tools, the processes and detailed reports of the research. The fourth chapter is the results and analysis of the research. This chapter is also the focus of the thesis. Including three hypothetical results of the research and their corresponding detailed analysis, and the Bible-based Family Education Course in Cleansing Stream Ministry, which helps the education in family now existing. The fifth chapter is the conclusion and application part. This part, as a summary, presents the results of the research of the thesis and further research suggestions. At the end of the thesis is the attachment and bibliography.
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United States
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Doctor of Educational Ministry
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Edward W. Shyu D.Ed.Min.
Edward C. Leung D.Min.
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