Preaching on Porn: A Workshop to Train Pastors

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Preaching on Porn: A Workshop to Train Pastors
Michael Novotny D.Min.
According to even the most conservative statistics, pornography is wrecking the bodies,
minds, and souls of millions of Christians in America. Nevertheless, most pastors are unsure
how to address this pandemic problem in their sermons.

This project suggests a solution. If a preacher verbalizes this taboo topic, normalizes the
struggle for God’s people, demonizes the sin of lust, evangelizes those struggling with sexual
sin, and strategizes ways for every member of the church to honor God with their bodies, the
pulpit might become a powerful solution for the saints’ struggle.

In this project, twelve pastors were surveyed and studied in order to create a workshop in
hopes of equipping them to preach wisely, boldly, and effectively on the topic of pornography.
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United States
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Doctor of Ministry
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D.Min. Project
Greg Scharf Ph.D.
Richard Gurgel D.Min.
William Donahue Ph.D.
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