An Examination of Discipleship in Army Chapel Ministries Overseas

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An Examination of Discipleship in Army Chapel Ministries Overseas
Jesse McCullough D.Min.
Military chapels face unique situations that churches do not. These circumstances complicate making Biblical disciples, especially in an overseas environment. As pastors called to preach the gospel and make disciples, Army chaplains must discern how to fulfill the command of Christ while also working as an Army staff officer. Measuring whether growth is occurring may provide information to help chaplains keep what is working and change what is not. This project is designed to gauge whether chapels in an overseas environment, specifically Germany, are truly making disciples in accordance with the Biblical mandate. The research combines context, theological basis, and surveys of congregants to attempt determining which factors contribute to growth and which are unimportant. Advice for lessons learned and further research are included.
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United States
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Doctor of Ministry
Pastoral Ministry
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D.Min. Project
Kenneth Botton Ph.D.
William Donahue Ph.D.
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