Christian Family Leadership Cultivation in the Application of Building up the Church

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Christian Family Leadership Cultivation in the Application of Building up the Church
This thesis focuses on the research and exploration of the cultivation of Christian family leadership in the application of building up the Church. This thesis contains five parts: Preface, Biblical and Theological foundation, Design of the Research, Findings and Solutions and Conclusions and Directions of the future. Part 1: Preface. It introduces the motivation and questions for the research topics. It points out that to establish and build up the Christian family is the calling of this generation and is the efficient strategy to withstand the attack of secularization. It asks the question of how to help the family foster and develop talented children for the Kingdom of God and how to help with continual growth of the church.Part II: Biblical and Theological foundation. This thesis is based on biblical theology and explores the purpose and significance of the family as established by GOD. It introduces the concept of establishing the Christian family and investigate the theory from the perspective of edification of the church, the growth of the church leadership and the concept of pilgrim family in combination of teachings in the bible. Part III: Design of the Research. The thesis illustrates the method and the design of the research. It uses the qualitative method by conducting in-depth interviews with five separate Pastors to collect data from which to make conclusions using the phenomenon analysis method. Part IV: Findings and Solutions. This part is based on Chapter II and Chapter III and categorizes the research findings to develop a systematic conclusion. It also provides practical solutions on how to encourage and cultivate the ministries of Christian family leadership in order to grow the church. It helps the church to be more efficient in pasturing the Christian families. Part V: Conclusions and Directions of the future. It confirms the mutual beneficial relationship between the church and the family and how they can positively influence each other. It provides a viable solution for church ministry and developing future generations for the Kingdom of God.This thesis provides new inspiration and methods for ministering new immigrant families from Mainland China. In addition to that, it should be one of the ministries of high importance by the house church in China. It will help the house church to grow steadily under persecution and also help the house church to pass down the faith to future generations and develop more talented leaders for the Kingdom of God.
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Wilfred Su
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