Developing sermon application from Old Testament narratives

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Developing sermon application from Old Testament narratives
Cyrus Y Ng
Developing sermon applications is challenging, because it demands that preachers bridge the immense gap between the ancient text and the modern audience. The task appears even more challenging when preaching Old Testament narratives, because this genre usually does not offer obvious statements from which preachers can formulate applications. What kind of lessons should be drawn from biblical narratives? How does the preacher develop hermeneutically sound and contemporarily relevant applications from this genre? The project centered around two goals: to enhance the congregants' competence in applying OT narratives to their lives; and to improve the quality of sermon applications in the project writer's preaching. The project implemented proposed theories by developing and delivering a sermon series on Genesis 37-50 in the project writer's congregation. A focus group, and evaluative questionnaires were implemented, and revealed a progressive improvement of applications over the course of the preaching series.
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Greg R Scharf
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