14,000 lighthouses: renewing the "C" in the YMCA

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14,000 lighthouses: renewing the "C" in the YMCA
David J Newman
This thesis examines whether or not the YMCA has drifted from its original mission. It begins by tracing the foundation of its mission throughout its historical roots and demonstrates the profound effects that the YMCA has been able to accomplish when it has operated according to its mission of putting Christian principles into practice. It measures the mission knowledge and application within specific context of Countryside YMCA in Lebanon, Ohio and also examines other research to assess if the results are reflective of the movement as a whole. The conclusion revels that Countryside YMCA has drifted from its mission. The author introduces a three part, reproducible strategy to renew the "C" in a local YMCA through two training seminars, a chaplaincy program and planting of a missional church that is strategically partnered with a local YMCA.
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David A Currie
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