Living into a vision: a case study of Riverview Park Reformed Church

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Living into a vision: a case study of Riverview Park Reformed Church
Rodney D Veldhuizen
This is a case study of one congregation, the Riverview Park Reformed Church. The focus of the study is how the congregation moved from being a divided and conflicted community to a community that is growing and vital. The perspective that is taken in this study is a systems approach that sees the church as much more than the sum of its parts and examines how various systems came together to promote health or dysfunction. This case study revealed that church revitalization is complex dynamic that requires more than a programmatic approach. Findings supported in this study are: 1) Understanding the history of both congregation and leadership is important for church health. 2) The mix of positive and negative influences that shape a congregation and its leadership and their interplay need to be understood in any process of health and revitalization. 3) The process of moving toward health is more important than the program used. 4) Before a congregation or pastor can become healthy it is imperative that both understand their past and the factors that both helped and hindered their development.
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Thomas Arthur Boogaart
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