Storytelling: the gospel in a Muslim context

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Storytelling: the gospel in a Muslim context
James Gregory Couch
In an age of increasing conflict between Muslims and Christians, this project establishes a model for a contextualized communication of the essential tenets of the Christian faith in a Muslim context. It looks at the history of Christian witness to Muslims and suggests that relational and contextually sensitive approaches be employed in the presentation of biblical truths. An evangelistic Bible study written to reach literate Afghan Muslims, called The Unfolding Story, serves as the core of the project. It employs a whole Bible approach providing lessons from creation to Pentecost. Lessons progress chronologically through salvation themes, in particular sacrifice motifs from the Old Testament, culminating in the substitutionary death of Christ on the Cross. The problem of sin is especially highlighted as are the attempts to overcome sin by one's own efforts. Throughout the study, storytelling and guided discussion in a one-on-one encounter with an Afghan seeker has been employed. This thesis follows the history of the study's inception and development in preparation for translation into the native tongues of Afghanistan and likeminded Muslim populations.
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Timothy C Tennent
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