Empowering the local church through mentoring

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Empowering the local church through mentoring
James Saxon
Could the creative, comprehensive integration of the one-to-one methodology into the local church structure as a balance to other preaching and teaching ministries be the catalyst that would provide dynamic linkage between church ministry and healthy, deepening spirituality of Christians? Mentoring, or life-into-life ministry, is the most intense form of community and therefore holds potential to stimulate the most intense spirituality. In a survey of current literature, this study noted the dramatic explosion of mentoring into the everyday life of our culture. The current relevance and effectiveness of the biblical, historical, and current insights on mentoring were tested among seminary students and women's lay ministries and a paradigm for mentoring was constructed from the results. The overall conclusion was that mentoring is a concept whose time has come and needs to be embraced, especially by the Reformed faith group.
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S Donald Fortson
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