Leading and nurturing the broken church

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Leading and nurturing the broken church
Michael W Glidden
This work is a study focused on building the foundation for a healthy church. There are many churches today throughout the world that cannot grow because of either a lack of leadership or nurtured environment or both. This is a major concern because of the decrease in membership experienced by most denominations. My primary premise is that a healthy church will not grow unless it has a strong lay leadership and a nurtured laity. Churches today are trying many gimmicks to grow a healthy church. They are doing whatever they can to add to their numbers. Others are trying various means to increase financial giving. Though these may be noble means, there needs to be a foundation in order to begin. My thesis project begins with a short history of the church in which I serve. I will provide my theological basis, literature review, and incorporate projects that I have given to various groups within the church. It is my aim that my project will be a useful resource for a pastor to use who is experiencing the same troubles that I had when I inherited a dysfunctional but hopeful pastorate.
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Kenneth L Swetland
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