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Shattering the lie that right and wrong are just personal choices!

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Shattering the lie that right and wrong are just personal choices!
Raymond William Maher
Sin and sinners are often meaningless terms in contemporary culture. Right and wrong have largely been reduced to personal opinions even in those who regularly attend church. One pastor documented through national surveys, polls, studies, and articles how right and wrong in contemporary culture have become divorced from the Ten Commandments. Conducting research at a congregational level and among other community Christian churches, resulted in the finding that the Ten Commandments are seen as God's rules for right and wrong but not in a personal sense for one's daily life as a Christian. Many regular church goers are operating from the conviction - I know it is wrong according to God, but God forgives me in Christ, so I'll do it anyway! The pastor undertook a seven Sunday Bible study and preaching series focusing on the Ten Commandments using the lessons of the day. During the seven-week series the average of people in church increased 6% over the previous year average. The Ten Commandments series gave the congregation the truth that when it comes to God's commandments, all are sinners in need of the Saviour Jesus Christ.
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Roger J Humann
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