The impact of multimedia technology in worship

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The impact of multimedia technology in worship
Steven C Trewartha
Since the beginning of time, God has been communicating with His people. Though that communication has sometimes fallen on deaf ears, the message has been delivered in multiple mediums. This history of the church has followed suit in attempting to communicate the unchanging message of the gospel into constantly changing cultures. In some eras the church has been more successful than others, but never has the medium of communication been unimportant. This study looks at the art of communication, giving particular attention to its given context and its use of multi-sensory venues to communicate the gospel. This project begins with a broad survey of some of the highlights of communication in culture, particularly related to the church. The review of literature then looks at the history of the way that God has communicated with His people throughout the biblical witness. Finally, this project studies the way that the church has attempted to communicate this good news to a world that changes. In this project, a methodology will be formulated to examine the best ways to use the expanding technologies to communicate the gospel today. Focus groups will be used to measure the effects of multi-sensory stimulants in worship. A secondary post-test will help determine the degree of response on three levels: cognitive, emotional and responsorial.
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Ken Boyd