Worship challenges in Canada

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Worship challenges in Canada
Roland Feltmate
The purpose of this dissertation/project was to develop and implement a philosophy of worship for the North Hill Church of the Nazarene (Calgary, Alberta). The specific objective was to develop and implement a philosophy that would function effectively among congregants who are predisposed to either a more traditional (in this case, Nazarene) worship style or a more contemporary worship style. The method of study was designed to follow several logical steps: reading and researching the available literature in the area of the subject; writing a foundational essay and preparing appropriate survey and evaluation instruments; teaching the essence of the essay to a core of the congregation; conducting the necessary administrative meetings in order to begin the actual implementation; beginning the implementation process by conducting a series of sample worship services; completing the implementation process by "doing" the theory over a longer (several months) period of time; and completing the surveys and evaluations and designing a handbook for worship leaders in order to guide on-going application and evaluation.
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Wesley D Tracy
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