The church we are, the church we are called to be

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The church we are, the church we are called to be
Robert Manning Price
This project/thesis revolves around an adult study on the church which was done at Cecilton United Methodist Parish, Maryland. The thesis/text is divided into two parts which address the sociological and theological dimensions of the church, respectively. Part one deals with the context of the church in America, the development of denominationalism, and the church and culture in terms of the church as a product of culture. Part two deals with the church in the New Testament, the views of Luther, Calvin and Wesley on the church, Avery Dulles' models of the church, and considers the views of Karl Barth and H Richard Niebuhr. The thesis/text suggests that our understanding of the church is best expressed in dialectical terms. God is the one who calls us, loves us and reaches out to us first, but there is also a human response. The "true church" is invisible, but it is also visible.
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James C Logan
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