Mbiti, John S

Evolving a working model of African pastoral care, counseling, and psychotherapy: a dialogue between Althea J. Horner...and John S. Mbiti

Ndung'u John Ikenye
This project is an analytically oriented search of evolving models of African pastoral care, counseling, and psychotherapy for the Kenyan context. The project developed the African interdependent model, a multi-dimensional approach in which pastoral diagnosis and treatment is measured on a continuum of core relational dynamics. The revisionist correlational model was used to correlate the thoughts of Althea J Horner and John S Mbiti. An African corporate personality is compared and contrasted with the desiderata of organization and self. The project concluded that psychoanalytic object relations theory and African corporate personality theory can be complementary. They are tools for meeting the individual at the points of need, and within the cultural contexts, meanings and metaphors.
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