Preaching with the Heidelberg Catechism today

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Preaching with the Heidelberg Catechism today
Arie W Blok
This project is designed to give an overview of catechetical preaching today.

Chapter One looks at the present state of catechetical preaching and the various attitudes toward catechetical preaching. The practice of catechetical preaching is now in decline, both in quality and quantity.

Chapter Two deals with the problems of catechetical preaching. It is often repetitious from year to year and therefore boring. Preachers sometimes brings theological presuppositions to their preaching that are different from the views expressed by the Heidelberg Catechism.

Chapter Three gives us reasons why catechetical preaching can still be useful and relevant. The Heidelberg Catechism provides us with a useful framework of thought and confession. Its emphasis on the promises of God can be a very effective antidote to legalism and cold orthodoxy.

Chapter Four studies and critiques the approaches to catechetical preaching of Peter Y. DeJong, the Dutch Pietists, Heinrich Ott, Eugene Heideman, Shinji Masuda, and Paul Calvin Zylstra.

Chapter Five explores ways in which the Heidelberg Catechism can be preached with Scripture texts so that catechetical preaching will be, at the same time, valid and faithful exegesis of the chosen text and useful exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism.

A method is discussed by which a non-traditional congregation can be introduced to catechetical preaching and the Catechism presented as a reminder of what the Bible teaches.
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