Re-imagining the Church through a missional life

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Re-imagining the Church through a missional life
Mark E Mast
For years I watched the missional movement unfold. From theological conversation to a spattering of writers around the world beginning to explore what the missional church might look like in the local church, I found few tools for the leaders of the local Christian communities to help people j oin this movement in practical ways. As I began to work in my own congregation trying to help the church move outward into the neighborhood, I realized the need to provide a resource to not change a church, but help followers of Jesus Christ begin exploring a missional life. Through the process of community storytelling, the foll owing project provides a path, through a Bible study format, for an individual and the Christian community to discover their personal God story, God's story, and the story of their neighborhoods. Where these stories overlap becomes a place for both the individual and their Christian community to start moving from "doing" the work of a missional church to living a missional life with Jesus Christ.

Being led by the Holy Spirit, the journey begins in the waters of Ezekiel 47:1-12 as individuals and communities discovers the different depths of their God story. They then travel into their neighborhood through Matthew 5:3-12 discovering where Jesus Christ is already at work in the emerging reign of God. Finally, through the exploration of 2 Corinthians 4, both the individual and community discover the life they are called to live as missionaries in their own land. I have spent the past years walking through this process in the lives of both individuals and communities to discover a practical means to move people out of the pews of their church into a life of joining Jesus Christ in the emerging reign of God.
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