Recovering a Biblical Form of Spiritual Formation in Contemporary Pentecostal Churches

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Recovering a Biblical Form of Spiritual Formation in Contemporary Pentecostal Churches
Ernest Ronald Krantz D.Min.
The project addressed the problem of an inadequate theology of spiritual formation within the discipleship doctrine of a specific expression of North American Pentecostalism. The problem manifests most acutely at the local church level where ministry leaders are struggling with divorce, mental illness, moral relativism, and poverty. Pentecostalism is failing to measure up to its potential where the human experience intersects with religious life.This project took a multilateral approach to the problem. The first approach used a theological method to survey the biblical description of spiritual formation and the existential need for it with special emphasis on The Book of Acts and the Apostle Peter.The second approach involved a literature review and content analysis. Review and analysis considered contemporary and historic theology along with behavioral science literature related to the nature of the embodied soul, human development, and the effects of religious experience on human development. The primary data was developed through a qualitative case study.Data developed through the multilateral approaches was coalesced to develop recommendations related to improving spiritual formation outcomes that facilitate God’s idea of human flourishing and good community in a local Pentecostal church.Three primary findings were discovered and discussed. Finding 1 related to a lack of commitment to formal education and clergy professionalization. Finding 2 related to critical biblical-theological knowledge gaps experienced by the case study participants. Finding 3 related to the consequences of a lack of diverse and specialized ministries at the local church level.
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Doctor of Ministry
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Katie Friesen Smith
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