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A Revitalization Strategy for FirstNSB A Family Church

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A Revitalization Strategy for FirstNSB A Family Church
Brandon Luke McKinney
The purpose of this project was to develop a revitalization strategy for First Baptist Church of New Smyrna Beach, Florida (FirstNSB). The project director obtained demographic data for a specific study area surrounding the church as well as a twenty-year profile for the church. Additionally, the project director surveyed selected leaders in the church. The community and church data helped the project director to determine trends in the community and the church. The project director also researched church revitalization resources in order to discover best practices for revitalization. A multigenerational team of twelve persons was selected from the church membership and the project director led this team through a process to develop a revitalization strategy. The revitalization strategy developed by the team was presented to the church leadership for approval. The strategy was approved unanimously by the church leadership.
Degree Granting Institution
Adam Hughes
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