Transformation through the serving and learning experience

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Transformation through the serving and learning experience
Heather H Ferguson
Experiences in serving others and learning from those interactions are not new. For those of us rooted in the Christian tradition, following Christ means offering mercy and kindness to others. It means seeking to understand the world around us so as to recognize the places where God longs to be made known. A transformative potential lies within all short-term mission and service-learning events. To tap that potential we must listen to the wise voices of those have served before us and to the Holy Spirit that leads us into transformative relationships. This project explores the works of several researchers and scholars who identify the potential outcomes of service-learning and short-term mission, and those interested in the transformational effects of such experiences. Incorporated into the discoveries are the words of four individuals whose narratives contribute to the collective findings and serve as evidence for the transforming potential within the serving and learning experience.
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Rodger Nishioka
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