The place of the Ten Commandments in the Church of God pulpit

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The place of the Ten Commandments in the Church of God pulpit
Matthew A Taylor
The purpose of this study is to explore the extent to which Church of God preachers use the Ten Commandments to address their socio-political and ecclesiastical contexts. What may appear to some as a crisis of ambiguity about the nature and place of the Ten Commandments in the public and religious spheres in America could be regarded as an opportunity for clarity on the part of preachers. The study addresses the need for Church of God preachers to engage in cultural dialogue through a fresh preaching of the Ten Commandments. The literature review surveys scholarly works regarding the context and meaning of the Decalogue in the Old and New Testaments, the meaning of the Commandments in light of a corrosive postmodern value system, and views of scholars and preachers regarding how to preach the Ten Commandments. The study included interviews with six Church of God Movement preachers, with the goal of learning about their experences related to the place of the Decalogue in the pulpit. The study asked how the preachers handled the Decalogue, exposited the Commandments, and trained congregations in discipleship.
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Philip D Douglass
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