Multi-sensory worship: is it vital for attracting 18-35 year olds into the life of the church?

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Multi-sensory worship: is it vital for attracting 18-35 year olds into the life of the church?
K. Bruce Mort
The church of Jesus Christ is largely missing the 18-35 year old age group when it comes to attendance and participation. By many statistical reports this is the least likely group to be in worship on Sunday. There seems to be a disconnection with this group when it comes to corporate worship times and other church-related activities, although this group has many indicators that point to spiritual desire. The worship offerings, in particular, seem to be failing when it comes to attracting this age group. The project introduces a discovery model based upon survey, interviews, and observation that attempts to look at two recent developments in worship which seem to be attracting this 18-35 year-old age group. The two different worship styles were functioning at the two churches that were studied in this project. These two services, contemporary and modern multi-sensory, were used to compare and contrast the effectiveness of attracting and producing a level of participation within the targeted age group. The two most important findings were: first, the contemporary worship service was of greater importance in the lives of the surveyed groups than the multi-sensory worship service. Yet the surveyed group from the multi-sensory worship indicated they were much more participative in the life of the church than the contemporary group. Secondly, the multi-sensory participants indicated strongly that they chose to participate in the church based on worship style, while the contemporary group had only half as many state [that] this was the reason for their participation.
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Bradley C Bohrer
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