The impact of the long-term pastorate

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The impact of the long-term pastorate
Dale B Welden
The purpose of this study was to discover the impact of long-term pastorates on the life of the pastor, the local church, and the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination. Twelve pastors, who had served churches for at least twenty years, were interviewed. In addition, a study was done of the biblical teaching on the role of the pastor. From the research, I found a positive impact on the pastor's family, the church, and the PCA denomination. I found three major areas of impact through the study: a) the opportunity for stability, b) the opportunity for deeper ministry, and c) the opportunity for a broader ministry. Further study in several areas could enhance our understanding of the long-term pastorate. Inverviewing elders from churches where long-term pastors have served would give a different perspective. Also the perspective of the wife or children of long-term pastors would lend insight to family dynamics. A study that follows the career of a long-term pastor would shed still more light on the impact upon the church and future ministry. Finally, if one were to study the type of pastor serving a single congregation over the long term, focussing on temperament, talents, habits, style, etc., it could be useful in identifying qualities advantageous to a healthy long-term pastorate.
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Donald C Guthrie
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